When We Love Like Teenagers, We Grow Like Strangers

An FMV Game where you get to control who is allowed to speak & who is allowed to tell their story. Every couple has fights, but Siobhan and Marsden have been a couple for some time....

First Sprout

Download available. First Sprout is all about growing an empty valley into a bustling village full of people to befriend. Collect resources and earn money by selling resources or opening your own...


A simulation of growing into a mighty tree from a tiny seed.  Has procedually generated weather and possibly seizure inducing graphics. 


When his girlfriend leaves him for "not being a big enough man," our hero snaps and, drastically misunderstanding, embarks on a journey to GET MASSIVE.

Golf Course Hero

Do you think you have what it takes to become General Manager of West Point Golf Club?

It's A Small World

SUBMITTED! DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILBLE! A stub version of the game I have made so far. Obviously not a finished project, being the sole developer. More info inside game.

Castle Sevens

Created: July 16 2015, Submitted: Aug 2 2015 This is a casual simulation game. It will be most enjoyed by people who like to test their luck and test their knowledge on trivias. Fea...


Years are going by. Let someone else live your years, break the loop when you're tired. Music created with help of the CosmicDJ game.    I've got email 

Hero Project

Due to time limits the game has only minimal mechanics implemented so that is playable and it is likely that there are bugs. About the game: Hero simulator game whe...

2D Farmer

2D Farmer... a growing sensation! (Growth, get it? xD) Created in 7 days with Construct 2 (Started when I got the 7 days left email) 7 Plant types