This year, our prizes are going to be done a bit different. The more the Humble Bundle sells, the higher the prize pool gets, based on how much people decide to donate towards the prize total!

Also, as we reach higher and higher Humble Bundle Goals, new prizes will be unlocked!

Cash Prizes!

*In the event that a prize tier is not unlocked, its share of the prize pool will be distributed among all unlocked tiers.

And while the Cash is the juggernaut of the prizes, thats not all you get. Make sure to check out what else is in each prize package below! (Note: All prizes, with the exception of the People's Choice, are mutually exclusive; an entry will only win the highest prize in cash value it achieves for).

Special Prize Packs


These awards will be given to the entry that is the best game in each engine listed that does not win a higher level award. Are you using one of these engines? Make sure to list it in your game description!


Much like the Engine prizes, but in this case, these are awarded to the best game in each of the eight listed game genres. Do you have the skill to put out the Best RPG? The Best Simulation? The Best Shooter?

People's Choice

What game gets the most buzz? The winner here will be the entry that receives the most votes from you, the public. Voting will take place during the entire judging period.

Embrace the Theme

Have you been following the twist? Well you should be. The entry that BEST exemplifies the one word theme of the twist will get this award. How does your game invision GROWTH?

Golden Reviewer

This prize is a bit different. Instead of being for an entry, this one is for a person. The winner will be the person who does the best reviews of contest entries before October 2nd, Best will be a combination of the level of review and the number of reviews done, as determined by the contest Judges.

Prize Pig

The Prize Pig is an entirely new MINICONTEST. Instead of entering a game, you enter a level built in Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly. These will not count towards the two entry limit for games. The best level created will win the prize. More details here.

Other Prizes!

Blog Feature

Your game will be featured in its own article on the Game Dev Fort and RPG Maker Web blogs, promoted through all our major social media channels.

Blog Highlight

Your game will be highlighted in an article along with other contest winners of this level!

Promotional Video

Ethron Productions, the producer of our in house trailers and promotional videos, will work with you to create a masterpiece video to accompany your masterpiece game!

Commission Work

The Degica team will donate the number of hours listed to assist you in polishing your game. We have artists, musicians, game designers, and producers waiting to help.

Live Play

A member of the Degica team will play your game live on Twitch. This playthrough will be promoted heavily across all of our major social media accounts.

Special Prizes

Each of the developers of the following Engines will provide special prizes to the best game made in their engine:

RPG Maker

$500 in Store Credit on the Store, 2 years of Member+ on the RPGMakerWeb forums for amazing discounts and exclusive resources, plus a custom mini-tileset and 2 custom music tracks just for you.


To be announced...

Axis Game Factory

To be announced...


10,000 GameGuru Store points to spend in the GameGuru Asset Store. The winner will also have the opportunity to meet the core development team over Skype and ask them any questions they like and then play them in a multiplayer deathmatch game which will be live streamed to the community

App Game Kit

In addition to the main prizes, the best game created in AppGameKit will receive a brand new DELL VENUE 8 Tablet with 16GB and pre-installed with Android 4.4 KitKat, a great device to test your future AppGameKit projects on!

GG Maker

To be announced...

To be announced...

Grand 2nd 3rd Engine Prizes (7) Genre Prizes (8) People's Choice Embrace the Theme
Blog Feature
Blog Highlight
Commission Work 20 Hours 10 Hours
Live Play