Welcome to the 2015 Indie Game Maker Contest!

Welcome, Indie Game Developers, to the second year of the IGMC, brought to you by Game Dev Fort in cooperation with Humble Bundle, where we challenge you to make the best game you can in just one month, July 7th-Aug 7th, throw that game in the ring with its peers and see whose game shall emerge victorious.

This year, our goal is to be bigger, better, and more high flying with eight full time judges, better structure, and a better overall vision for the contest. We learned a lot from last year, and for the returning competitors its time to see if you did, too. And for those participating for the first time: get ready to show us veterans up with your game's vision.

With prizes packages based on a percentage of the Humble Bundle's success, they have the strong potential to dwarf last years amounts, we encourage everyone to check out the rules and try their hand at putting out the best game possible.

If you are sitting there thinking "Let's DO THIS!" Get that game going.

If you are sitting there thinking "Hey, maybe I can do this." Get that game going.

If you are sitting there thinking "Man, this sounds great but I can't make a game." Head over to Humble Bundle and grab several great beginner engines and tons of resources and, you guessed it, get that game going!

If you are sitting there thinking "My game would never be good enough." Get that game going anyway!

The IGMC isn't all about the prizes, as large as they are, it's about getting a game done. It's about doing the best you can do, and stretching what that best is to the limit. So load up your favorite engine or start coding from scratch: just get that game done. Make sure to head over and check the rules and judging criteria, then get to work! We can't wait to play your game!