IGMC Prize Announcement Delay

Hi everyone.

Nick Palmer here, head judge and organizer for the Indie Game Maker Contest. I know that everyone is looking forward to hearing the announcements of our winners on the 10th, but unfortunately, there has been a delay in our plan.

This delay, is unfortunately, on me. Everything this contest has gone exactly to the plan I created. All of our judges did a SPECTACULAR job, and completed everything by the deadlines I gave them.

The problem, is that I forgot to include the time for the Humble Bundle, Guest, and Celebrity Judges to play the top 10! So while our in house judges finished last Monday, this unfortunate oversight means that we will have to wait a couple of weeks for the official announcements of all prizes.

So what WILL you get to hear this Saturday? We will be making an announcement, it just will NOT be of the winning games. Instead, we will be cutting off fan voting, and we will be announcing two things: The current Top 10, based on our internal scoring, which is what has been sent off to our other judges, AND we will announce the winner of the People’s Choice!

All the rest of the awards will be announced on October 24th.

I personally, apologize for all delays, as everyone has done everything I have asked for them to do, even when they were also working insane hours on other projects. Even when they would have to judge an entire round in a single day because of other responsibilities. It was not their fault. It is 100% on me.

The good news though, is that this is the ONLY major snafu we have faced, and that means we have learned for next year, which should run even smoother.

And thank you for your patience. You have all done an amazing job, and there were so many excellent games that didn’t even make the top 10. Some that I was really impressed with didn’t even make the top 20. We may have had slightly less entries than last year, but the field was much stronger. You should all be proud of yourselves.

We look forward to announcing the winners as soon as we can. Thank you.