Brief Synopsis Boss Battle! T-Rock, hero of the land of T-Rocktopia, finds himsel...

Company of Vikings

Company of Vikings is a game about killing vikings. Live the tale of a great Kinship! ...

Nido Force

Parts of the world are suddenly suspended in the air!Nido Nakano, wandering hero, decides to investigate the events.Is someone trying to steal world pieces for themselves? Play...

lazzer INC


Souling - I

Unity game made by a one man team. My friends beta tested it. It has some weird errors here and there but it shouldn't be that bad! Just reset it completely if it fails. HERE'S hoping it won't! I t...

I Woke Up Because It Hurt

Hello there and thank you for taking the time to look at my work! I really hope you enjoy it!  [I Woke Up Because It Hurt] is about a woman gorwing past and moving on from a v...


Nerius is an arcade game with action & strategy elements. The objective is to catch colored items in order to score points and progress to your goal!

Zombie Ablockalypse

ARRRGGH! Marines, Get Ready - Blast, dodge use tactics, strategy and quick reflexes to get the infection under control in this fast furious dual control action-fest where no one dies!

Space Arena

Welcome to Space Arena! Presentation: I am a 19 year old self taught actionscript programmer. I participated in Ludum Dare last year and was interested in doing another game jam. Th...


Can you change your fate?