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Eryx Wars

Eryx Wars
Eryx Wars
Eryx Wars

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Genre: Shooter
Author: OscarBraindeaD
Added On: July 18, 2015 @ 12:34 AM
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[Game presentation]

Eryx Wars is a 2d space shooter, with multi directional parallax scroll, with some game mechanics similar to wings of fury, luftrausers and other classics shooters.

The main objetive is to eliminate all the enemies (fighters and cruises) on the level to reach the next one, where the enemies will be more, harder and higher.

[Dev Tools]

The game is being programmed in AGK v2 (App Game Kit) Tier 1 (BASIC tier) by The Game Creators.

The space backgrounds are generated with SpaceScape by Alex Peterson and SkyPanorama by Frecle.

The game sprites were purchased at http://graphicsforgames.com/


Game finished and ready to download!