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Genre: Puzzle
Author: Jani Parviainen
Added On: July 19, 2015 @ 12:13 PM
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Mathmind is puzzle/adventure game, where you beat baddies by numbers.

Grow your math skills and become awesome.

There is a spaceship wreck and you need to find the right math formula in order to get your ship repaired.
As an alien in the hostile planet this is no easy task!!
Will you become the mastermind behind the Mathmind?!

Install instructions:

  1. Download zip-package
  2. Unzip on your desired location
  3. If you don't have OpenAL installed on your computer; unzip and install OpenAL.
  4. Now click "Mathmind.exe" to run game
  5. Have fun!

Android version will be released Q4/2015.