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verigans revenge

verigans revenge
verigans revenge
verigans revenge

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Genre: Action
Author: connor heighton
Added On: July 19, 2015 @ 7:55 PM
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verigans revenge is a game ive been working on off and on for close to a full year now. its being developed by the four man team known as firearrow games!

verigans revenge is a sidescrolling beat em up that is currently in development. as of right now, there are 3 stages, 2 enemy types, and a whole lot of fun. the game started off as a art improvement challenge for the main developer himself, but quickly grew to become his third large scale project. he quickly enlisted the help of his composer and voice actor and away they went!

controls are as follows.

arrow keys to move

space to jump (useless but fun!)

h,l to throw left and right

j,k to punch left and right