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Genre: Adventure
Author: Glitchy Pixel
Added On: July 23, 2015 @ 10:58 AM
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About Mirai

Mirai is an exploration game created for the Indie Game Maker contest 2015.

You will follow the adventures of a girl in the middle of a strange jungle full fo misterious places and events and people you can interact with.

We aim to have a rather unique experience. Our references and inspiration include games like Kentucky Route Zero and The Majesty of Colors.

Hopefully this might give you an idea of what we want to achieve here, since we think making games like this is hard (respect for the masters at KRZ and MoC). specially if you only have one month.

Donwload link:

You can download the game on GameJolt here. Available on PC and Mac OS.

Various hotfixes have been issued since. The most recent one is Version 6.

Below you can find an animation of one of the earlier iterations fo the project.

Mirai First impression

We hope you like the game. If you do, please vote for it n_n.

Diana Esperanza Pacheco
Italo F. Capasso B.

Glitchy Pixel