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Genre: Puzzle
Author: pointfiveteam
Added On: July 26, 2015 @ 6:06 AM
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DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE. Enjoy the game. Please read the readme first.

STORY. The storyline revolves around Boe the adventurer who ends up devoured by an ice demon. His soul gets trapped in an ice prison from which he escapes and possesses a nearby ram. It is up to our wooly friend to save all other souls found on the cursed mountain.

GAMEPLAY. You play as a bold little ram that has to move around rune boxes containing soul fragments of other humans/animals. The objective is to combine boxes with the same rune and then carry them to the mystical well of revival. By doing so, he releases the souls trapped inside, which once set free, are bringing new life to the frozen wasteland and weakening the demon. The souls help "grow" trees from stumps and grass from under the ice.

THE DEVS. We are a small group of friends that play/make games together as a hobby. We came across the contest a week ago and decided to : "Let's DO THIS! Get our game going!" We uploaded today 7/26 our first screenshots. We will update daily/any other day our work in progress and we will upload the game when it's close to completion.

update : 07/28

  • ram character now has his signature red bandana
  • in game GUI showing time left, lives left and score
  • a small storyline script has been implemented
  • 10 level have been made,  can be subject to change
  • environment added (clouds, snow)

update: 08/01

  • runed blocks
  • camera control
  • particle system
  • character controls depending on camera orientation

update: 08/06

  • after 4-5 days of level changing and debating, the levels are finally done
  • 20 levels
  • story intro is done with voice and subtitles
  • growth theme is implemented