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Genre: Shooter
Author: Federico Jose Diaz
Added On: July 28, 2015 @ 11:23 AM
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A scavenger job, is a difficult one. You must deliver your cargo to distant places in the solar system. But sometimes, greed can complicate things...

Step into the life of a Scavenger Pilot, are you brave enough?



Update: we found our game in some sites, that we didn't even ask them to publish it, so thank you!!!

Space Sim Central

Cadetes del Espacio

For other poeple: if you share our game, please tell us and we will link your site here :)

Update: we received a fan art!!


Thanks a lot for it!!! Artist facebook: click here

News: a popular newspaper give us an interview!! It is not released yet, we will give more information in the next days/weeks (depending on the newspaper) Thanks for your support!!!


The Game

Using your multi docking vessel, you can grow your ship by docking with abandoned and disabled modules. As the commander, use your ability to your own benefit in this game! But you should know, some modules, have secrets that no one should know...

The game exploits 2 game genres in one: an space shooter, and a third person shooter game.

TIP: Fighting's not always the answer, sometimes, running is your best defense ;)

Update: Thanks for supporting us! We are building the official web site: any suggestion is welcome!


About the authors

We made this game in a rush, in three weeks instead of four, because we found out about the contest on the 14th!!!

But anyway, the challenge was very interesting!

On behalf of Federico Diaz and Juan Castagna (the devs), hope you'll enjoy it!!

And thanks to Roberta Guida, our digital 2D artist :D


Installation instructions

Extract OmegaCarinae to a directory of your choosing, double click on OmegaCarinae.exe to play. You can choose quality settings and display resolution accordingly dependent on your performance.


The controls

[W] forward [A] left [S] Back [D] Right Mouse movement: Camera control


Note for reviewers

First, all reviews are really appreciated :). Just a note: the flashlight is not a bug, we know the duration is short and was done at will. The idea is the player have to play all the time with it and also forces him to take some small breaks. It also helps to create the desired atmosphere.
Also, in the ship levels, the movements are the same, they are restricted and a bit weird, in order to make it harder to aim.
We wanted to add some differences with all the existing games, to avoid making a very predictable game.



Update: It is ready the alternative web version: click here

Note it takes a little time to download the first levels, so press start game, or select a chapter, and wait a little until it loads, enjoy! :)

Alternative 64 bits download: Click here to download! 

Alternative 32 bits version: Download 32 bits version (use it if you have troubles)

Update: adjusted mouse speed for those who had issues with it on the 32 bits version.

Note: For the main link if you don't have dropbox, dismiss the login, and download. (it is not necesary to have an account)