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Genre: Adventure
Author: Dominic Willett
Added On: July 28, 2015 @ 11:34 AM
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A family built game for any age group.  Take the role of a child moving into a new house and the adventures that lead you under the bed to where the monsters live.  You decide your path as your choices decide your fate!  Three separate endings anyone can arrive at plus one bonus ending which will be harder to achieve.

IF you have issues downloading from our site, you can use this dropbox link:


Game Style

Choose your own adventure with text, music and sound effects.


  • Full soundtrack written specifically for this game
  • Unique creatures and beautiful backgrounds
  • Sound effects and voice overs
  • Engaging storyline, great for any age
  • Multiple endings to achieve through choices made by the reader

Future Goals

Based on reviews and overall player response we have a list of goals that we hope to meet after the contest is over.

  • Potentially expand storyline depending on reviewers comments
  • Add achievements for specific paths taken in game
  • Release on Steam (Greenlight)
  • Release an Android client
  • Release an iOS client

The Team

Our entire family worked on this, so it was a group effort.  If we do well, we hope to continue to develop more games!