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What's In A Game? - Platformer

What's In A Game? - Platformer
What's In A Game? - Platformer
What's In A Game? - Platformer
What's In A Game? - Platformer
What's In A Game? - Platformer
What's In A Game? - Platformer
What's In A Game? - Platformer

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Genre: Platformer
Author: Katacaz
Added On: July 29, 2015 @ 6:37 AM
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Welcome to What's In A Game? - Platformer, I am the console, and I've been programmed to run you through a set of simulations.

There are many types of Platform Games out there; and many of them have common elements.

As a player you will travel from the start to finish of a level and encounter various obstacles, collectables and puzzles along the way.

I've compiled a set of simulations that showcase several aspects of platform games, ranging from ladders to doors there are many elements.

As you progress you will unlock features in the LEVEL EDITOR, that's right, theres a level editor.

The more you unlock items, the more your tools list will grow and expand

You are able to create your own levels and save them, then give them to others to share around.

Some could be really easy, others nearly impossible.

Now, I've gotten some simulations sorted, all you have to do is test them.

See you soon.


Game Engine: Game Maker

Creator: Katacaz 

Resources By: Graphics - Myself (Katacaz)

                             Sounds - www.freestockmusic.com, Game Maker 8 Core Resources

Current Status: Completed

Current Version: Final Version Available to Download!


Please Note: This game creates extra files in the same directory as the .exe game file. (Save Data and Custom Levels)

You can download an extra guide here: (May change) https://www.dropbox.com/s/lpe09e9754jb3f9/Whats%20in%20a%20game%20guide.docx?dl=0


Even after entries had closed I had continued to work on this game, if you would like to try the latest version you can download it from https://www.dropbox.com/s/9zxi2l4uvvccy8y/What%27s%20In%20A%20Game%20-%20Platformer%20%28Final%20Version%29.exe?dl=0.

I fully understand that this newer version cannot be considered for this contest, I only want to share a version with no game-breaking bugs, to show what this game is capable of.

The download link of this page still links to the version made prior to end of the submission period, just be prepared to not be able to play multiplayer...

Feel free to play either version (old or new) and tell me what you think and have fun.