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My Little League Team was Abducted by Aliens

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Genre: Adventure
Author: Thomas Myers
Added On: August 02, 2015 @ 8:01 PM
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My contribution for the IGMC. A bucolic beginning on sunny day in green field, children gather to play a game of baseball. Unfortunately, Caitlin accidentally hits the ball into the window of an old house and her friends run off. Only one is willing to join her as she goes to take responsibility for her mistake, but they find themselves trapped in the house when the door swings open after knocking and nobody answers their calls. It doesn't appear deserted. The lights are on, the house is clean and in fine repair, but there is no running water, no food anywhere, and strange, creepy mannequins can be found around the house. When they finally retrieve the ball, all of the windows seal. There is no exit to be found, and when they find a mysterious device, the mannequins come alive and attack!

It's when they find a secret passage in the library that things get very strange and they find themselves at the heart of an alien plot!

A rather simple puzzle game with no difficult puzzles; simply item location and retrieval and enemy avoidance. The game focuses more on story than mechanics. Inspired by 60s and 70s era cheesy sci-fi.