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Genre: RPG
Author: Timothy F.Clough
Added On: August 03, 2015 @ 8:15 AM
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The Son of the man who Lead the Great Slave Revolt and his people to freedom.
Now years later a young Farmer must Grow into a man much sooner then expected.
In his  journey he will meet Friends, perhaps Love, and a World about to enter a long War.
The game has all but one major Char Voiced, with some very good talented Voice Actors,
I must say they all did a very good job, some parts had hundreds of lines each.
I hope you Enjoy the game.


      Timothy Franklin Clough

 (Head Game Designer, Original Story Plot
 and Concepts, Maps, End Game Story,
  Engine Implementation, Art Editing,
  Video Editing, Audio editing, Writing and Rewrites,
  Map edits.)

           (Head Writer)

         (Initial art and Art Research)

 (Sidequests, Maps-Rafondale and Base Swamp)

(Art, altered Faces,
  Orginal Moon Kiss Picture art)

           VOICE TALENT
         Sayaka Mashiro (Mai Yn, Little Girl)
         Josh del Mundo (Player Rainford)
         Chris Quandt   (Autar Vossin)
         Richard Barcenas (Poros)
         Rina Adachi  (Duroria Surlius)
         Lara Falcone   (Lucia, Maria)
         Michael Micmohan (Judtar and Chuk O'Melak,
         Tim Clough   
  (Guards, Vossin's Personal Guard, Vossin's LT)

Game Engine:RPG Game Maker VX ACE

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Tim Clough
Head Game Designer/Owner Lighthouse Keeper Games.