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Time Buddy

Time Buddy
Time Buddy
Time Buddy
Time Buddy
Time Buddy
Time Buddy

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Genre: Puzzle
Author: Luis Fernando Maschietto Junior
Added On: August 03, 2015 @ 6:39 PM
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Time Buddy is a Puzzle/Strategy/Platformer game.

All levels has the same objective: You have to get a key to open the chest.

Every time and how much time you want, you can go back in time to the level start point. The "past you" will be there doing exactly what you did before the time travel.

With this, there is some "time puzzles" to solve.


Update 07/08/2015 - New version, some details like credits and a "tutorial" message on level 02

This is a one guy made game.

The project Topic:  http://community.gamedevfort.com/t/igmc-2015-time-buddy/582