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Genre: RPG
Author: Lance Wentworth
Added On: August 03, 2015 @ 9:19 PM
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Mugi City is home to a lot of programmers-- in fact, it’s home to a lot of studios and indie programmers that came into town. It’s a mini Silicon Valley! They love holding competitions, and you --being fresh out of college-- just entered  your first for game design! However, it didn’t go so well, and your spirit got broken, so your first creation came to cheer you up and bring you back to earth! Regain your spirits in this puzzle based RPG Game!


  1. A game that grows as you progress.
  2. A game that young and old can enjoy
  3. Easter eggs and surprised from LWentworth8567's current and prior projects
  4. SPECIAL GUEST Lady Sophia the First from GT Mythra: The Beginning of the Sword!

A Game About Growth:

This game grows along with you. Do not fear if you can’t see or if you can’t hear anything. Let the atmosphere grow around you as your character realizes his inner growth and potential to grow even more! As well as Sophia’s growth as a programmer!