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Showdown! Super Idol Galaxy

Showdown! Super Idol Galaxy
Showdown! Super Idol Galaxy

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Genre: Action
Author: sabao
Added On: August 04, 2015 @ 12:35 PM
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So, hi! I got together with some friends from college a few weeks back and we decided to join this year’s IGMC, making this my second entry this year. The game was planned to be an action-puzzle platformer set in a space colony in the distant future. Now it's an action arena platformer set in a space colony in the distant future. More on why we changed later, maybe. You play as the young idol Pluto, who embarks on a quest for groupies, dance battles, and discovering the true power of friendship (the last bit is a complete lie).

One of the few things that unify our group apart from video games is probably anime. We're weabs like that. We like a bunch of them, but our common guilty pleasure is Love Live. With that and this beautiful monstrosity at the top of our minds at the time (and a complete lack of any other appealing idea), we unanimously agreed on focusing on the theme of Idols, which is something of a Japanese blanket term for celebrity that usually dabbles in singing and dancing. To incorporate the contest's theme of Growth, we used the idea of collecting Likes, or growing your character's fanbase by increasing their popularity, hopefully in the most ridiculous way possible.

In the very distant future, humanity left the earth to live in space. Of their many technological and cultural advances since taking to the stars, their greatest breakthrough may have been the discovery of the alien species known as the *Blips*.

Blips are sentient amorphous blobs with an IQ level matching that of dogs. They're pretty much just as cute too, if you dig tentacles (Who doesn't?). With that and with how well they've gotten on with people, they were quick to become fashionable pets for a lot of people, but that wasn't all they were good for. You see, Blips have a strange ability: they emit high amounts of energy when happy or excited, seemingly to no detriment to themselves or anyone else, for that matter. Research so far have indicated that they respond especially well to song and dance.

Several parties now look to take advantage of this new breakthrough. If one were to find a way to effectively harness all this energy for themselves, the rewards would be astronomical! They just need to find an Idol with an act strong enough to win as many of the Blips' hearts as they can.

While we wanted to have a much bigger cast of characters for this game, we simply don't have the time. For now, we'll focus on two characters and see where we go later.

A young upstart who first caught her big break when a video of her performing went viral online. Brave and cheerful--almost to a fault--she dreams of becoming the greatest idol in the galaxy.

Her stage name is of the planet Pluto, the smallest and once-often forgotten planet of the original solar system. Her musical style is a bubbly form of technopop: bright, bouncy and youthful, it puts a smile on even the dourest of listeners.

A musical prodigy trained in the classical and finer arts. She was first discovered at the tender age of eight and has since blossomed into the household name that she is today. Her voice guarantees entire theaters and arenas are filled to burst and her command over the stage captivates the entire audience, almost as if entranced. Having grown up in such a privileged lifestyle, Nebula has formed quite the superiority complex and a fiery temper to go with it. Views Pluto as her rival, due to her quick rise to fame.

Her stage name is of the Nebulas, or the "stuff from which stars are born". Her musical style is the ballad--timeless and powerful. Many ballads have been made for millennia, but only those with the most beautiful voices ever attain the status of being a true classic.

We really, really want more characters. We hoped to have one character represent each of every popular musical genre, but given time constraints we'll probably just have to consider them later.

Super Galaxy Idol is an arena game where the goal is to win over the audience by essentially doing cooler stuff than your opponent. Said cool stuff includes staying in the spotlight, performing for fans, and making the other idol look bad by pelting her with stuff, and by stuff we mean your own fans. Over the course of the game, DNA mods for the blips pop up around the stage to augment your fan blips with. These change how your blips behave in different ways including turning them into explosives, tasers, shields, black holes, and more, hopefully providing a plethora of ways to embarrass your rivals.



  • Move : WASD
  • Shoot : G (Press with Move to aim)
  • Jump: H
  • Dance : H (Charging and releasing dance acquires neutral/gray fans)


  • Move : Arrow Keys
  • Shoot : numpad 1 (Press with Move to aim)
  • Jump: numpad 2
  • Dance : numpad 3 (Charging and releasing dance acquires neutral/gray fans)