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Shoot them

Shoot them
Shoot them
Shoot them

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Genre: Strategy
Author: Sefan
Added On: August 05, 2015 @ 1:10 PM
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Shoot them is a 2D topdown strategy game that is desiged and coded by me.

The goal of the game is to defend your base and kill the enemys base. During the game you will build up and upgrade your amry.


The Twist Growth:

The game is a strategy game and the main goal of strategy game is to build/grow a strong economy and army during the game. Thats why my game fits the twist realy good.



Esc to go back to menu

R to restart

1,2,3... to select unit

wASD to move

mouse to aim

Left mousebutton to shoot


I have choosen to make this a player vs AI game, becouse of this: http://community.gamedevfort.com/t/indie-game-maker-contest-2015-q-a/24/305

It's no story in the game becouse this game is desiged to be played as a online PvP game. I'm working on it right now, is not included in this realease.

I have done all code and assests. All code assets are made specific for this game and are made after 7 July.

Credits to:

DST for the music www.nosoapradio.us/