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Genre: Action
Author: louis le gall
Added On: August 05, 2015 @ 3:26 PM
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Goal is to beat the previous winner (shown as a ghost) !
The difficulty is continuously growing as you play. You have to win against yourself !

You begin in the arena where you can familiarize with the game play.
The game really starts when you go thought the "start" line (you will see the ghost of the previous winner).
If you reach the "finish" line before the ghost, you win and you will be the ghost in the next game.
If he reach first, you loose, and he keep the fame.

the game restart in front of "start" line a few second after you or the ghost reach the finish line.
You can restart the game by pressing the "reset" button if you are in trouble (upside down)

Please choose the difficulty (easy,medium or hard) before passing the start line.
You can also deactivate/activate the music using check box on top of the screen.

Unzip the archive, you must have the vehicle_Data folder at the path as vehicle executable.
Start the executable.

arrow keys of the keyboard:
left & right to turn,
accelerate is up key
rear is Left shift or down key
alt is full brakes
Space is hand break (for quick turns)

You can also use analog joystick (such as xbox 360 usb or other...)
with analog for left&right turns and buttons for accelerate,rear,full and hand brakes.

we recommend to avoid redefining the inputs in the RaceYourself configuration at start, as it could be complex to get it back working.
if you disorganize the key definition, stop the game, remove all register under HKCU\Software\RaceCompany\RaceYourself to reset it.

Project by Pierre Le Gall and Louis Le Gall.
Less than 21 days of development! Started from scratch on 17th July till the end of the contest 7th august 2015.
Music and sounds from the royality free audiolibrary of youtube:
Music : Destructoid from MK2.
Death Impact Yell Single
Muscle Car Start Idle and Stall
Muscle Car Big Room

We used our own graphics and pictures (rocks from local beach :) )
Only for ground, we use "SoilCracked0157 (Texture: #66844)" from
Car and circuit meshes are from Pierre Le Gall.