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Genre: Adventure
Author: Tuomas Jokela
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 8:03 AM
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Download it here(2016):

Humorous story about a knight wanting to be a ninja. Feel the heat of moment when you sneak past the guards with your clumsy ninja skills and proceed in your epic quest to slay the Tyrant! Solve puzzles and push your way to your destination in this adventure puzzle platformer!


  • Humorous (and a little bit confusing) story
  • Many soundtracks and voice acting made especially for the game
  • Beautiful pixel art
  • Puzzles
  • Dying alot...
  • ... and alot
  • Epic ninja action
  • Multiple endings
  • Secret

So what are you waiting for and reading these dull lines? Epic journey awaits.

Walkthrough here:

[Download single runtime executable by clicking "download now" button. Alternatively you can download installer here]

(Windows smartscreen may pop-up when you try to run .exe, because I don't have signed certificate, but I can assure you it's safe :) )

Developers comments:

Everything in this game was made less than a month. Beautiful pixel art was done by my girlfriend and everything else, including soundtracks, by me. We hope that you enjoy this game and appreciate any kind of comments! Have a nice day!

Credits for team "Von Manateers"

Pixel art : Ida Salavamäki

Everything else: Tuomas Jokela