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Shards of Eryia

Shards of Eryia
Shards of Eryia
Shards of Eryia
Shards of Eryia

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Genre: Adventure
Author: Krees9116
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 11:04 AM
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Important note: Download this version to play. A lot of bugs fixed, thanks to Tornado Samurai: http://bit.ly/1Ei0EuL

There are 3 games, that I really like. Pokemon, Final Fantasy and Trading Card Games. So I'd like to create something, that mix these elements. This is the game in a few words. Grow your collection of Eryians, and defeat your enemies.

So, first of all, sorry for my bad english. I'm from Hungary, and english isn't my native language, so sorry for grammar mistakes here, and within the game. Let's talk about Shards of Eryia. 

In the game you are a teen, in a new place, where the most popular game is a tactical-strategy card came, called Eryia.* On your first day the best player in your new school want to beat you, but as a newbie, you can't understand a single word about what he want. Fortunately there is a helping hand, who show you the first steps in the world of Eryians. 

This is how our story begins, but as you figured out, there is much more then an ordinary card game. Why? Play the game and see with your own eyes.

There is a lot of work to do, but the basics are work, and playable, but if you like it, I'll continue the development of this game.


  • Minor bugfixes
  • Some new cards to collect, that fit better for the miners deck
  • Added a versus screen before battles
  • Some minor improvements
  • A misterious new update ;)

*Basically it's Triple Triad from Final Fantasy.

Note: The game can be hard, so save often if you don't want to lose one specific card.

Found a new bug, the actors graphic change after the first talk with Reg. I'll fix it soon. Fixed