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Genre: Platformer
Author: Tensei
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 5:19 PM
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Disco Knight: First Dance

Disco Knight combines elements from Infinite Runners, Shmups, Platformers and Rhythm games in one swinging package. The tempo of the backing music dictates the timing for pickups and other ingame actions: time your actions right to maximize your score! 

Tired of running? Grow wings, take flight, and face down fearsome aerial foes! The game dynamically and seamlessly switches playstyles between runner/platformer and shmup depending on the musical backing. Dodge barrages of notes during instrumental solos and rise to new heights during choruses.

You should play this game if:

  • You like Disco
  • You like Knights
  • You like Platformers
  • You like Rhythm Games
  • You like Shmups
  • You hate Lion Statues
  • You can deal with getting badgered by an annoying dragon sidekick while trying to keep a steady rhythm and dodging a gazillion cannonballs coming your way.

Default Controls (360 Controller recommended:

Movement: Arrows, Control Stick or WSAD

Attacking: Z, X button (autofire while flying)

Dashing: Q/E, L1/R1

Jumping: Space, A button


Concept, Design, Environment art, Programming, Music & Sound Design -  Tensei

Background Art - Nan de Bruin

Character Design, Animation - Marimo

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