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Genre: Shooter
Author: Andy Ford
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 7:21 PM
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Important - The 'official' download link keeps getting accidently deactivated by 'FileDropper'. Players can see an exact copy of the game at or download it at

BTOPA: Testing Grounds

Congratulations on your successful application to the Testing Grounds, Pilot.

We've been instructed to allow you the opportunity to remotely try out Klackow's prototype vessels before they've been released to the Market. Footage of your testing will be recorded and broadcasted live, system wide.

We have transferred 20,000 credits to your account to get you started, but note that this is the only hand-out will will provide. Expenses beyond this point are your responsibility.

Pilot's have access to 3 hangers, and are encouraged to make use of each of these to avoid unnessesary losses.

We will be watching you, Pilot. Impress us.

BTOPA: Testing Grounds is a rogue-like space/air combat game.

We've included a powerful physics engine, so each ship has mass and inertia. If you crash into another ship, it could easily send you into a spin you then need to pull out of (that is, of course, so long as you survive the collision). Explosions knock you back, and even gravity plays a part. Players start off entering the planet's atmosphere in space, but can fly through the clouds and down to the planet's surface, searching for tougher enemies. In addition, the further away from the planet you are, the less gravity affects you!

Players will start off with quite a weak, low powered vessel; but for each practice drone they destroy, they are awarded credits that will allow them to upgrade their vessels and hopefully cause even greater destruction. Progression is key to their growth in ability and strength. They'll have access to hundreds of combinations. Find a combination that's too slow or sluggish? Simply upgrade the engine. Fed up with lasers? Give rockets a try!

Players must be careful, however, as if their vessel is destroyed, they will need to rebuild using their remaining funds. Only send in what you can afford to lose.

On top of this, players will also have access to 3 control types, increasing the number that can get involved. For greater accuracy, and generally more fun, it's recommended that it's played using a GamePad, however, we're aware that not everyone has one of those, so players can also play using a Keyboard and a Mouse.

How much wealth can you amass? How much destruction will you cause? How long might you survive?

Note - For the best experience, it's recommended that you play with a GamePad.