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Ridiculous History

Ridiculous History
Ridiculous History
Ridiculous History
Ridiculous History

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Genre: Simulation
Author: Daniel Trewin
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 8:49 PM
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Ridiculous History is set in a strategy simulation world where you're in control. If you want to research explosives before you even have paper currency, go right ahead!
You alone decide the fate of your civilization. Will you thrive and become prosperous or will your empire starve and be forgotten in a few short decades?

The goal of ridiculous history is to get as many points as possible by the year 2015. If your whole population is wiped out before 2015, you lose. The game starts
in the year zero. The current game year is indicated next to a clock in the lower left. You can advance time forward by clicking any of the various speed buttons. Pause, normal speed, x4 speed, and x8 speed are all available. You can also pause by hitting the space bar.

Additonal help and instructions can be found in game.


  • Population/city growing simulator
  • Exciting resource mangement
  • Risk/reward gameplay
  • 50+ Interesting technologies to research
  • 20+ Random events allowing for different playthroughs each time
  • 14 Buildings to construct in your cities
  • Beat your friends' high scores!

Growth Theme Description
The goal of Ridiculous History is to improve your civilization by increasing your population, and score is largely determined by population size. Thus, population GROWTH is essential to being successful at Ridiculous History.