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A Desperate Mother's Love

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Genre: Adventure
Author: Nic3Ntertainment
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 9:46 PM
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The Great Depression is in mid-swing and private detective Roy Schroeder is hoping someone will waltz into his office and hire him for a job. Lucky day for him, that happens to occur.

Nuria Ybarra needs her daughter rescued. She's borrowed money from the mafia that she can't pay back to pay the ransom. She needs someone with the skills and expertise to handle the ransom negotiations and get back both her daughter...and the money.  Roy Schroeder may just be the man for the job!  Whether he succeeds or not is entirely in your hands as you play as Roy and one of hi Assistants, Angie, through the course of this short mystery game!

* Fully voiced gameplay!

* Multiple paths lead through the game with two different endings!

* Can you unravel the mystery behind the kidnapping and unlock the truth?

Developed by:



Written by:

Richard C. Shaffer



Roy Schroeder
Cary Reese

Angie Rosenbaum
Anna Chloe Moorey

Vonnie St. Germaine
Sarah Dunham

Nuria Ybarra
Laura Schafer

Chen Gung
Greg Arnold


All Game Music Composed By Eric Matyas

Nic3Ntertainment Splash Screen Music Composed By Lucid Chord


Enter: Accept, Confirm Selection, Investigate

Arrow Keys: Change Selection, Move Character (When Searching)

Escape: Cancel, Open Menu