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Low Tier Hero

Low Tier Hero

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Genre: RPG
Author: Balloon Co. [gaming division]
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 9:52 PM
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So, we at Balloon Co [gaming division] understand that you are reading this description in order to decide whether or not to play this game. We also know that you are now reflecting on how totally meta it is that you are reading a description about reading a description. Well, now that you've had a taste of your mind being blown, we hope you are HUNGRY FOR MORE BECAUSE YOU'RE MIND IS GONNA BE SUPER BLOWN WHEN YOU PLAY OUR NEWEST COOLRADICALIST GAME, "LOW TIER HERO!"

Sure, some "other companies" might try to get you to play their games by using the description section to list the features of the game and try to do the game an injustice by attempting a botched translation of the gameplay into "words". Well, we ain't fallin' into that deathtrap (espeically because we used up most of our extra lives testing if the bottomless pit called "getting a job making games for free" was indeed, bottomless") You want to know if you should play this game? That's easy.

The answer is, yes.

You're welcome! We saved you time, spoilers, AND having to think! (to be fair, having to put this indescribable game in the catagory of RPG is already too much of a spoiler, but not a spoiler spoiler. Like, if this game was an apple, you could still eat it, but it's not as fresh as if you stole it from your neighbor's yard) Now you can use that time and thinking playing our game! Hurrah! You already are a winner for making the correct life choise (but not as much as a winner as you COULD be BEATING OUR GAME!) Now is the chance to make lights flash on a screen by pressing buttons in order to pretend you are a HERO! Specifically, a LOW TIER HERO!!!