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Eat Em Elements: Size matters!

Eat Em Elements: Size matters!
Eat Em Elements: Size matters!
Eat Em Elements: Size matters!
Eat Em Elements: Size matters!

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Genre: Platformer
Author: Aridani
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 10:00 PM
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-Hold your ground! Don't let those scary monsters devour your soul! Evolve, grow bigger and eat them all!

 In this colorful game you play as a lime that has to survive the attack of 3 evil monsters that will chase you down as soon as you appear on the map, each of them is made of a specific element, and you shall gather the orb that will give you the winning element against each one of them. However, this is no easy task, because the more you eat, the bigger you will become and, thus, paths might close behind you, limiting your possible strategies.

 Play your cards nice and you might conquer them before they conquer you!


 This game is the result of a fusion between Pacman, platforms, Rock/Paper/Scissors and some original features, like the way the character grows and becomes unable to use certain paths because of its size.

 In order to progress through the game you have to eat all 3 monsters before they eat you and, in order to do that, you have to use the proper element against each one of them, and that's where the orbs will help you, granting you the ability to eat one of them at a time.

 The concept is pretty simple: eat and don't get eaten, use Fire to melt Ice, use Ice to disrupt Thunder and Thunder to suffocate Fire. However, you shall not worry, you will always have a quick reminder on the top-right corner of the screen in case you forget something.

 As you advance through the different stages, the maps will get more and more complex, with different positions and monster speeds in order to distract you, with different locations for the blocked paths.

 The red paths will be available to cross as long as you don't eat any monster, the grey paths will be available only if you have eaten only 1 monster or less, and the blue paths will always be open for you to cross them.

 Each monster runs at a different pace, and this changes over the different stages, so think your strategy twice if you don't want to get fooled by those tricky evil monsters.

 The green orb will grant you extra points if you dare to go and get it.

 ENDLESS: If you happen to be skilled enough to beat the game, the difficulty will automatically raise 1 level every time, let's see if you can beat it twice!
 The game was coded completely from scratch in Html5 Canvas, so it should be compatible with every S.O. available as long as you have a properly updated browser and a keyboard.

 Good luck and have fun!

 The default download link lets you play directly on your browser, alternatively you can:

Download it from Mega https://mega.co.nz/#!NUNxgACY!rZlAqSeUpvCorV2sYEUR_B7_ra7CJO_barIwrykoAxI