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The Abyss Between

The Abyss Between
The Abyss Between
The Abyss Between
The Abyss Between

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Genre: RPG
Author: Elmntfire
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 1:27 AM
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A horrible train accident claims many lives.  Cameron awakes to find himself among the victims, yet death looks very different than he had imagined.  Leaving behind your family and friends is hard, but making it to the other side may prove harder still.  Guided by old and new friends, Cameron must navigate his judgment and find his fate, or make one of his own choosing.


Soul Seeds - Obtain and use the Soul Seed, a direct manifestation of life force.  Nurture it and watch it bloom into a powerful tool.

Evolving Equipment - Eschew traditional grindy leveling by upgrading your gear through exploration or combat if you so choose.

Choice-Based Interaction - Everyone makes their own choices, and Cameron is no exception.  Watch how your choices affect your allies as they grow closer or turn their backs to you.


Simply use the green link on the sidebar.  The RTP is included for play straight out of the box.

Contribution Credits:

(Available in-game upon defeating the last boss)

Additional Art provided by

  • Celianna
  • KSI

Musical Score provided by:

  • JDB Artist
  • Murray Atkinson

Special Thanks to:

  • GameDevFort for the contest
  • Humble Bundle for making this project possible
  • Judges for their consideration of this game