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Genre: RPG
Author: Pekrukhrietuo Pienyu
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 3:41 AM
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In the universe of Relisia, the western world has been brought to chaos by the Pendragon Knights who rose to power after the Great Iktovian War. The story follows Erik, our protagonist who is scarred from the war 10 years ago. His life begins to change when he meets a mysterious girl one fateful rainy day. What has fate in store Erik? Who is this mysterious girl?

Erik: A young man skilled in combat. Emotionally scarred from his past life.

Illya : A young girl associated with an "anti-Pendragon knights" resistance force. Smart but quick to lose her temper.

Tanya: Illya's younger sister. A cheerful character, follows her sister everywhere.

Myrddin: Leader of the resistance. A powerful mage with a lot of fame.

Garet: He doesn't like to talk.

And a lot of additional hidden characters too!

-Legendary weapons to find!
-Secret Areas!
-Growth Points! Complete quests and explore secret areas to obtain growth points to make your characters stronger!
-Lots of optional sidequests!The goddess of adventure make she rewards those who walk the extra mile.
-An interesting story with a lot of cool cutscenes!
-Hidden easter eggs!
-Challenging bosses!

Relisia was produced on RPG Maker VX Ace by two gamers. This is our very first rpg maker title. We tried our best to give you guys a game to enjoy with the resources at our disposal. If you have any feedback or any issues relating to the game please leave a message below or contact us at

We hope you enjoy playing this game! Please show us your support by voting for Relisia, we would really appreciate it!