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Nocturne in Yellow

Nocturne in Yellow
Nocturne in Yellow
Nocturne in Yellow
Nocturne in Yellow

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Genre: Shooter
Author: TerminusEst13
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 9:34 AM
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Nocturne in Yellow is a fantasy medieval first-person shooter using an extremely modified version of the idtech1 engine, also known as the Doom engine. In it, you play as a dude marching through ancient castles with the realization that every myth and story ever made in the history of man is true and all of them are pissed off at you for having a pulse and four functional limbs.
You utilize a bow, some grenades, and a spear in order to fend them off, wandering deeper to stop the rise of the dark lord threatening to spread death, destruction, and hurt feelings all around.

Being a first-person shooter, you step into the eyes of a protagonist and wield whatever weapon he was smart enough to grab before wandering off on this death quest. Primary fire, well, fires whatever weapon you're using, while secondary fire lobs a grenade at whatever looks funny at you.
Run around through seven maps, picking up items and stabbing dudes before reaching a boss at the end, and then stab the boss. Boss drops artifact, pick up artifact for more powers for your bow, and then move on to the next level to repeat as needed. After you do this seven times, you win!
If you play on Story Mode, occasionally there will be long walls of text about people talking about their feelings. If you play on Arcade mode, all of the boring text will be stripped out, leaving you free to stab enemies without hearing about their failed love life.

- Pixels! Lots of pixels!
- A functional running, jumping, and movement system.
- The ability to damage people when you shoot at them.
- A revolutionary "story mode" using fantastic new "text on the screen" technology where people throw words in massive quantities at each other.
- Or an arcade mode if you just want to stab zombies and vampires.
- I think someone says a bad word once.
- A few people took pity on me and drew some really pretty pictures.
- They're really nice people.
- Music taken from the public domain and then thrown through a lot of filters!
- I think somebody did a custom song for me?
- I think.
- Don't quote me on that.

Right here, friend! Either click on the link over there to the side, or use this mirror on Copy to download the build.