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Wizards of the Pale

Wizards of the Pale
Wizards of the Pale
Wizards of the Pale
Wizards of the Pale
Wizards of the Pale
Wizards of the Pale

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Genre: RPG
Author: Ahmad Baidoun
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 10:42 AM
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"Why a chicken you ask? That is my power. Actually… that is my only stable power. I enlighten chickens."

UPDATE 10/08/2015:
Thank you all who played the game and gave it a chance! We've heard your feedback and we learnt quite a bit in just a month. If you are interested in what we do, you can check us out at Rehmlok Arts Facebook Page! - I am currently developing an indie RPG and have been for a while, once that sees the light of day Matthew and I are considering on remaking Wizards of the Pale into a new, better and bolder game. Stay in touch!

  • TO FIX THE SAVE ISSUE: Simply move the entire game folder to a new location with admin rights, we apologize for this inconveniance. It's not an in-game bug, it's a mistake made during packaging of the game itself.

Matthew and I, Ahmad, been tagging along with RPG Maker as a solid hobby for quite a few years. He is a coder and I work in the industry. We are both passionate about gaming and development all-around. We grew up with the DnD era, often looked around for board-style/table-top RPGs on the PC and we believe we need more. Then why not make our own if we can? We did our best to bring the community a game that would mix those elements and more! Fight your way through perilous lands, encounter the most peculiar events and roleplay your way out of sticky situations! Lay back and have fun, share the game with your friends if you like it! We poured our hearts and sweat to bring you content, the greatest reward will be your precious time shared with our game. Thank you, and happy gaming.

In Wizards of the Pale you will travel your lands all the way to the Enchanted Forest and the Cave of the Unknown to unravel a powerful relic... that may, or may not exist. Your journey will be filled with dozens upon dozens of events with different outcomes.


As you begin your adventure, you are given an enlightened chicken which you may grow Wiser, Braver or Fatter, for a twist during the final challenge! This chicken may as well enlighten you in real, it is deep, it is priceless.


The CHICKEN: It is enchanted! Enlightened! Your Chicken plays an important role. You will encounter events to help your chicken grow during your travels.

The ELITES: They are dangerous! Brutal! Defeating an Elite will grant you a Level, making you more powerful. Once an Elite is defeated, it is gone forever!

The DESTINATION: Your ultimate goal is to reach the Cave of the Unknown and claim the final challenge before your opponent does.


You can play with a couch friend, or 3 more friends if you'd wanted! Share the love, maybe less the spoils.


Most controllers are plug and play, we will be including a tutorial shortly if you'd like to customize the controls.


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A Game made by Ahmad Baidoun and Matthew Cipriano

Level Design, Interface and Events by Ahmad Baidoun

Story and Roleplaying by John Barnett and Ahmad Baidoun

Music by Joel Steudler and Murray Atkinson

Scripts by Matthew Cipriano (Nelderson), Modern Algebra, FenixFyreX, Yanfly, Seer UK, Cidiomar R. Dias Junior, zeusex81, Dekita, Venka, Shanghai and Moghunter


Kevin Beck, John Barnett, Kevin Tremblay, Jet IceDragon, FenixFyreX and Zetu

"Many thanks to all the support we received, for friends who supported our moments of insanity and for testers who have stayed late to help us polish the experience at best! Without you, Wizards of the Pale wouldn't be what it is. Cheers!"