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Genre: RPG
Author: Marco
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 1:27 PM
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A Fairytale Adventure

Created by M.A. Torres

The fate of a new world rests in your hands!

A new land begins to awaken, and Great Mother brings forth one of her Bloomlings to prepare to take root in its soil and become its protector.
As a Handmaiden of the Earth, you are entrusted with protecting and nurturing this young Bloomling. Guide it on its journey to receive the blessings of the Nature Spirits and bond to the Ley energies of the land before it takes root and grows into its destiny.

* Open-Ended Exploration: Travel and explore the four ecosystems in any order you please, and return to them whenever you wish to uncover new secrets!
* Customizable Growth: Your Bloomling's stats and abilities grow however you choose when it bonds to the ley energies of the land.
* Element System: Gain abilities from each of the ecosystems to aid you in exploring and defeating foes in other ecosystems.
* Multiple Endings: The end of the Bloomling's story is determined by how much you have helped it grow on its travels. Find all nodes for a happy ending!