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Plains of aznar

Plains of aznar

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Genre: Action
Author: Gilbert Vera
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 4:05 PM
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Made in : Game Maker

Plains of aznar: a 2D game about fighting

player 1 controls : arrow keys to move and D Q W to attack

player 2 controls : J I L keys to move and T H Y to attack

In the character selection screens player one select's there choice with the Enter Key, Player Two with the space key.

Ultimate Attacks are Key Q and T as your anger GROWS your hits land harder or unleash it all in a ultimate attack

In one player horde mode try to survive as long as you can

The Ultimate Bar in this mode instead heals you or  unleash your rage to instantly heal your wounds in battle.

Made by : Gilbert Lee Vera and Gregory Voskuhl

Music by Eric Matyas, Website : www.soundimage.org

Thanks to JamJam Tutorials for his amazing tutorials


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