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Genre: Puzzle
Author: John Davis
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 4:43 PM
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This is a puzzle game in which you try to shape the bar of metal to the outline using 2 hammers and a metal file.

Submission for IGMC 2015 by John Davis (jfdavis52@gmail.com)

Created using C# (no pre-existing game engine)
Game Started 7/15/2015, Completed 8/7/2015

Game submission for 2015 Indie Game Making Contest
GearForge Team: John Davis (full credits below)
Game Design: John Davis
Game Graphics: Felipe Solis, John Davis
Game Sounds: Freesounds.org (bmarczero, robinhood76)
Game Coding: John Davis
Game Music: Freemusicarchive.org (Podington Bear: Plastic Glare)