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Friggin Foosball

Friggin Foosball
Friggin Foosball
Friggin Foosball
Friggin Foosball

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Genre: Simulation
Author: Aaron Teague
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 9:08 PM
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About 3 years back, when I was learning game programming, I made my first game.  "Friggin Foosball"  This game was created using libgdx and java.  I spent a long time on this game, but between the difficult controls, poor physics implementation, and lack of game AI, it was more frustrating than fun to play.  Fast forward a few years and I find out about this game making contest, so I decide to try the foosball game out one more time.  This is that game.

None of the original source or assets were used nor available so this game is new.

The twist of growth is less in the actual game, but of me as a developer.  Over the past few years; I have learned a lot on the craft of making games.  I wanted to see just how far my abilities have gone.

By the way, this game only runs on Windows 64 bit.  Sorry guys with 32....


framework : gameplay3d (www.gameplay3d.io)

music : Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com)

Source and Assets : Chris Boyd and Aaron Teague