The Notebooker

The Notebooker is a standard platformer that gets more difficult as time goes on. The world exists on a sheet of notebook paper with doodled platforms and enemies. The enemies are trying to pr...


First Game! ;p

Piggie Star Adventure

Piggie Star Adventure is a bright and colorful platformer. It's simple to play and is inspired by classic Mario and Kirby games.

To Catch a Cube

To Catch A Cube is a platform based on how good the player can use and master the tools that the game provide to him. The Game has the objective to push the skill and reflex of the player c...


You are Chester, a pirate's treasure chest, marooned on the island you were burried.  Some pirates have come in search of you.  Collect trap parts to capture them and steal their shi...


Story:     In our world there is an ancient secret organization hidden deep in its core that balances the scale of good and evil. Eve...

Once on a Blue Moon

You play as an alien flying back from a mining expedition.   After colliding with a meteor, you find yourself on a strange blue moon.  In order t...

The Ladder

The Ladder is a procedurally generated platformer with 4 Level with challenging obstacles and cool abilities. Play: Play in your browser here!

Lopez & Mendoza in the Tower of Doom

Each time the timer goes down to zero the tower grows and you will have to traverse another level. Not everything is what it seems.