What's In A Game? - Platformer

Welcome to What's In A Game? - Platformer, I am the console, and I've been programmed to run you through a set of simulations. There are many types of Platform Games out there; and many of...

The Night of Dissolution

Story: The Night of Dissolution is a tale between two lovers torn apart by the return of the King of Darkness. As Frank and Julia enjoyed a pleasant stroll within the fores...


Planterra - The "Plantformer"

The Ladder

The Ladder is a procedurally generated platformer with 4 Level with challenging obstacles and cool abilities. Play: Play in your browser here!

To Catch a Cube

To Catch A Cube is a platform based on how good the player can use and master the tools that the game provide to him. The Game has the objective to push the skill and reflex of the player c...


Vixie is a young fox who sees the world through the childish eyes we all once had. When Vixie's best friend, Dusty, suddenly disappears, she sets out on a quest to find him. *I...

Spider the Fox

UPDATE: I've fixed a few bugs, tweaked the controls a bit, and added webplayer support in a new release. If you're judging or voting, make sure to select the old release (1.0.1). Otherwise,...


The game Wi...

Dragon Tail

Name: Dragon TailType: 2D PlatformerTool: Game Maker StudioAuthor: G_Sholar Game Description: